Subdivision / Lot Line Revision

What is it?

A subdivision is a service needed when you want to divide an existing piece of property into two or more smaller lots. A lot line revision is a service needed when you want to change the official boundary between two or more adjoining lots.

Why do I need it?

If you own a large piece of property and want to sell or transfer a portion of it to another party, you will need a subdivision. If you want to change the official property line between two or more adjacent pieces of property, you will need a lot line revision. Both subdivisions and lot line revisions must be prepared in accordance with township, borough, and county ordinances. Local governing authorities often have different requirements on lot sizes, setbacks, and frontages.

How do you do it?

Our firm starts by performing a standard property survey for the properties involved in the subdivision or lot line revision. In addition to the services provided by the standard property survey, subdivisions and lot line revisions often require DEP Planning Module services and preparation of municipal applications. The subdivision and lot line revision plans show the existing property along with the proposed changes being made to the property. After the application is submitted, local commissioners and/or governing board of supervisors review the proposed changes for compliance with local ordinances and policies. Once the plan is approved by all required boards, it can be recorded by the recorder of deeds. Finally, an attorney prepares a new deed to transfer ownership of the property to reflect the intent of the plan.